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About Kibitka

Kibitka is a travelling house.

The backgrounds and journeys of the eight people travelling in this kibitka have brought together music from Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Galicia and Russia; they have added Latin rhythms and influences and have rescued forgotten sonorities.

Kibitka has slowly constructed its own music and its unique style, its luggage for this migration that expresses journeys, distances, seductions and quarrels between two opposing universes, the one at the beginning and the one at the end of the trip.

Sounds migrate with people and through them, exposing themselves, like these people in the kibitka, to the adventure of a new environment.

We are:

  • Ana Abeledo  (Clarinet and sanding blocks)
  • Andrey Volodin  (Spanish guitar and voice)
  • Tania Capón  (Violin)
  • Mano Panforreteiro (Galician bagpipes, whistles, Jew's harp and melodica)
  • Danilo Ramos (Cuban tres and keyboard)
  • Antonio Vázquez (Percussion)
  • Yuri Sidar (Acoustic bass guitar)
  • Vadim Yukhnevich (Bayan and voice)